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          The first few years of a child’s life are crucial not only to their academic life, but also their personal life. We at Mommy Angels Daycare will ensure that your child is given the best care as your child begins to discover the world around them. Our classroom low teacher-to-child ratio will ensure that your angels are given the attention they need in order to reach their fullest potential.


Daily Activities
Our angels will learn important social skills throughout our daily structure. For your child, it will include:


·         Morning and Afternoon Circle time where the day’s themed activities are introduced and reviewed.

·         Activities in the Learning Centers to bring the day’s educational theme to life.

·         Literacy and language enrichment to build emerging language skills.

·         Music and movement (songs, poems and rhymes) to expand your child’s vocabulary and listening skills.

·         Outdoor play  to burn off energy and develop motor skills.

·         Lunch and quiet time to nourish and rest your child’s growing mind and body.

Classroom settings


Each classroom features a safe learning environment of seven learning centers. These centers are equipped with developmentally age- appropriate materials to channel your child’s natural sense of curiosity and independence.


·         Construction & Design

·         Dramatic Play

·         Writing

·         Creativity & Art

·         Reading & Listening

·         Math & Manipulative

·         Science 

You will receive assessments of your child's progress report, ongoing portfolio collections, quarterly reports and parents/teacher conferences twice a year or as requested. You can rest assure that your child will be progressing throughout the year.

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